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We Got Beef and We Can't Wait to Share it!

After much anticipating, we are so over the moon thrilled to finally have beef for sale.  And we think it's the best beef around and we're not just saying that because it was raised by our brother. Since the holiday season and cold winter is coming up, we wanted to make sure we had a variety of ways to stock up your freezer or give that perfect gift to a loved one. So here an overview of the options -- 1. Grab Some Individual Cuts  Build your own box or just grab a steak for that perfect New Years Eve dinner. We deliver monthly throughout Eastern, Iowa (Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, Manchester, and the surrounding areas). This is a great...

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Winter Meat CSA: Highlight #1 Pasture Raised CHICKEN!

As we move towards December, we wanted to spend the next couple of weeks highlighting the nourishing food that will be included in our Winter Meat CSA So let's start with the basics. What is our Winter Meat CSA?  Think of it like a monthly subscription box of our premium local meat-- delivered right to your door from December through February. Perfect timing for all that hearty cooking. The Meat CSA will contain a farmers choice box of our pastured chicken, Angus beef, heritage pork, and pasture raised lamb from our friends as Sundog Farm in Solon.  So let's start our highlight series with the humble, but oh so delicious chicken. Chickens take Shae's #1 spot of favorite animal to raise....

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What is a Flower CSA?

CSA stands for "Community Supported Agriculture," is a model of production where customers typically pay ahead before the growing season and then receive their "share" of the goods all throughout the summer (or growing season). You can think about a CSA like a subscription but with a way more personal touch. Joining a CSA means being part of a community, knowing your farmers, and being an integral part of the growing season.  You may be familiar with a vegetable CSA where you sign up and then receive a box of veggies throughout the season.  Our Flower CSA follows that same model. So let us run you through exactly how it works!  Step 1: You sign up before the growing season...

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