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Meat CSA

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Meat CSA

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PREMIUM MEATS, DELIVERED RIGHT TO YOUR DOOR. Bringing our convenience and ease to delicious farm to table food. 



What is a Meat CSA? 

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture, which is a model of farming that allows the consumer to invest directly in what you want us (your farmers) to grow. CSAs are most commonly used for vegetables, and is where people join a CSA before the growing season begins and then receive a weekly box of vegetables for the duration of our summer. Our Meat CSA is one take on that model! Joining are Meat CSA allows us to understand how much high-quality, humanely raised meat to produce and to distribute it directly to consumers in curated monthly bundles. 

Our monthly meat boxes include a premium selection of our pasture raised poultry, pastured lamb, heritage breed Berkshire pork, Pesek Family Farm’s Angus beef, and a discount on 2022 Thanksgiving turkeys!

Please note that we are always happy to exclude a specific species or take note of your own preferences! You can let us know in the comment section of your sign up or send us an email. 

Delivery FAQ

Our Meat CSA's deliveries take place on the first Thursday of every month between 2pm-8pm. You do not need to be home at the time of delivery, but we just ask you leave a cooler with ice packs out for us to place the meat. We are ALWAYS happy to be flexible with people when it comes to rescheduling deliveries or accommodating a specific request. 

Example Shares: 

Economy- (7-10 lbs)

1 lb ground beef 

2 boneless chicken breasts

3 lbs beef chuck roast

beef stew meat 

1 lb ground lamb

Family Size (11-15 lbs) 

1 lb ground beef 

2 boneless chicken breasts

3 lbs beef chick roast

1 lb beef stew meat 

whole chicken 

lamb chops 

Poultry Only (~10lbs)

whole chicken 

1 pack of boneless chicken breasts 

1 pack of chicken thighs 

*summer poultry share will include duck, unless a specific request is made*


NOTE: If you would prefer to may monthly or via a payment plan we are more than happy to work that out with you!