Over the Moon's Berkshire Pork

Our Values & Our Products

At Over the Moon, we raise animals that live well and nourish our communities through high quality, humanely raised meat.

We raise birth to finish heritage breed pork right here on our family farm. Over the Moon uses seasonally appropriate housing to raise pigs throughout the year. During the summer months the hogs live outside with access to a barn for shade and bad weather and in the winter months we have an insulated space for them to stay warm. These practices allow us to have a year-round (as supplies last) source of our delicious, high quality Berkshire pork.

In 2022, we are transitioning to a farrow-to-finish model which means that all the pigs that enter our meat program have been born and raised here on the farm. All of our pork is processed at a USDA inspected facility, frozen, and stored in our IDALS licensed freezers. 

Why Berkshires? 

Berkshire is a breed of pig that is sometimes referred to as the "Kobe beef" of the pig world. The flavor is truly unbeatable. Many of our customers have told us that they didn't think they really liked pork until they started eating ours. The flavor can be described as rich, tender, and perfectly marbled. 

Besides them producing truly the tastiest pork, Berkshire pigs also have good mothering instincts, gentle and friendly personalities, and thrive in a variety of environments making them perfect for our year round production model. 

What We Offer

We got you covered with all the pork essentials including chops, bacon, ground pork, sausage, spare ribs, whole hams, sliced deli ham, smoked hocks, and Boston butt roasts.

We primarily sell our pork through cuts and bundles, as well as in our monthly Meat CSA.

Throughout the year we take a handful of reservations for "whole hog" purchases which involves purchasing a whole animal based on its hanging weight and choosing the cuts directly with the processor. This is an awesome and economic option for folks looking to fill their freezer with delicious high quality Berkshire pork.