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What is a Flower CSA?

CSA stands for "Community Supported Agriculture," is a model of production where customers typically pay ahead before the growing season and then receive their "share" of the goods all throughout the summer (or growing season). You can think about a CSA like a subscription but with a way more personal touch. Joining a CSA means being part of a community, knowing your farmers, and being an integral part of the growing season.  You may be familiar with a vegetable CSA where you sign up and then receive a box of veggies throughout the season.  Our Flower CSA follows that same model. So let us run you through exactly how it works!  Step 1: You sign up before the growing season...

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Getting Creative This Holiday Season with Local Gifting

It's official. The Holiday season is upon us. And we all have those people in our lives who we can never find the perfect gift for. With all the supply chain challenges this year, we wanted to make sure we had an abundance of holiday gift ideas for you that makes creative gift giving easy. 

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Our Favorite Whole Chicken Recipes

Cooking with a whole, pasture raised chicken is an amazing way to feed yourself and/or your family. Remember to always test the doneness of your meat using an accurate meat thermometer.  Recipe 1:  Apple & Sage Whole Roasted Chicken What better flavor combination for fall cooking? We love this super easy, delicious meal.  1) Pre-heat your oven to 425 degrees 2) Chop 1 whole apple into slices, chop two whole onions, and mince a head of garlic (or whatever amount you enjoy for flavor) 3) Mix a half a cup of oil of your closing (we usually pick butter or vegetable oil), and mix in your favorite seasonings like salt, pepper, and dried parsley 4) Stuff your chicken with your chopped...

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