Why You Should Be Making Stock with Nutrient Dense Stew Hens

First of all, what is a stew hen? 

Stew hens are retired egg layers, typically a few years old. In the case of our birds, they've lived their ENTIRE life free ranging outside (only sleeping in a coop at night for predator protection), eating grass, foraging, and receiving a high quality grain ration. Since these birds are older with more connective tissue, they need to be cooked in a slow cooker in order to break it down. 

Because these birds have had access to such a nutrient rich diet, they are PERFECT for making an absolutely delicious stock. If you're worried about how fast you'll go through chicken stock, especially in these warmer months don't worry it's super easy to freeze! 

Plus making your own chicken stock means you get all the good vitamins and minerals and nothing that you don't want! 

Easy Stock Recipe

1 Stew Hen 

12-15 cups of Water



Carrots + Celery (to taste)

Salt + Pepper

Cook on low for 24 hours of high for 12.

Drain stock and enjoy!!

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