Why Chicken Thighs are the BEST

We LOVE pretty much any type of meat that we can throw in the crockpot, is especially nutrient dense, and comes from animals we feel so proud to raise.
Our chicken thighs come 5 in a pack, about 3.5 lbs total which is perfect for a big family dinner or a few meals for two people. Here's a few reasons we love them--
  • dark meat has high quantities of iron and zinc
  • thighs are packed with flavor (we think ours are especially flavorful since these birds foraged, eat a diverse diet, and were out on grass)
  • thighs are more economic option
  • they are AWESOME in the slow cooker with just about any type of sauce or marinade
We'll be including thighs in January's Meat CSA box, which you can still sign up for and/or you can place on order for them on our website.

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