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Dried Flower Wreath Season has ARRIVED!

And just in time for those first snowflakes to fall here in Eastern, Iowa. The weather today was a real reminder that we are in fact heading into winter and it's going to be some months before those glorious blooming flower fields again.  But not to worry. We saved many flowers that can still creatively be brought into your home or office. As we get into the swing of things, we thought we should give a little background on our everlasting dried flower wreaths and share some behind the scenes of our process.  The first part of the process comes a whole year before we even make any wreaths, with the process of picking out seeds and selecting the varieties...

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Peony Planting in November!

This past weekend we planted 100 roots of one of our  favorite perennial flowers-- PEONIES. It was a gorgeous day for it and we've certainly been lucky with this sunny and warm early November.  Let's start with a few definitions first so we're all on the same page.  Perennial: enduring or continually recurring. Aka, plants that come back year after year.  Annual: occurring once every year. Aka, plants that grow only for one season.  Peonies are perennials and should continue to grow and bloom for many, many years to come. They do well in our Iowa environment and bloom in the late part of the spring / early part of the summer.  So how did we plant them? What was our process? ...

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What is a Flower CSA?

CSA stands for "Community Supported Agriculture," is a model of production where customers typically pay ahead before the growing season and then receive their "share" of the goods all throughout the summer (or growing season). You can think about a CSA like a subscription but with a way more personal touch. Joining a CSA means being part of a community, knowing your farmers, and being an integral part of the growing season.  You may be familiar with a vegetable CSA where you sign up and then receive a box of veggies throughout the season.  Our Flower CSA follows that same model. So let us run you through exactly how it works!  Step 1: You sign up before the growing season...

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